Friday, 31 July 2015

4 Light-hearted Summer Reads /LifeLogos

The last book related post I did was My Autumnal reads’ and now seeing as the summer has come it would only be fitting to do a summer book post too. So here are a few books that I have read/ reread over the summer that I would recommend to others. These are all rather light hearted books that are easy to read but nonetheless the writing and the plot had me hooked. For me personally when the weathers as good as it’s been recently and the suns’ just shining I prefer sitting outside with these sort of light hearted reads. My more grummy and dark preference of literature I prefer for the evenings or when were generally having darker rainy days…which we have a lot of here in good ‘ol Brittan.

 The first in my post is not actually a book but rather a notebook. I brought this one in a dark bottled green form Primark about a few months ago. The books an A5 size and its lined from inside which was exactly what I needed. I had been on the search for a snug A5 notebook I could keep at hand to be able write in instead of writing my poem on the random pieces of paper and having them eventually get lost. It’s good to have a book to keep all my random bits of writing in together.

The second is ‘The Secret Dreamworld of a shopaholic’ which being an old publication had no mention of its theatre remake. Upon reading it I realised it was the novel that ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ was made upon. This was seriously exciting for my year 5 year old self I must say and upon reading it again I’ve loved it even more. Sophie Kinsella is one of my favourite Chick Flick authors and her series just so seamlessly interlink from one book to another. If you love the movie I would recommend reading the rest of the series.

This book again is a book which I remember buying from the works when I was about 12…but id still pick that up again now if I saw it. Haha. The book itself has many fairy-tale of all different kinds: Traditional, Cultural, Dark, Moral based. Reading them at that age to be honest I did not understand them and had abandoned the book for a long time, until recently my nieces came over and spotted it on my shelf and took it out. And when I started reading the Fairy-tales to them I began to understand the tales and absolutely loved them and guess what my nieces one being 10 the other 8 didn’t like them. They just didn’t understand a word I had read no matter how many words I synonymised for easier words and how I tried to thin out the plot they just didn’t like it…maybe I’ll try again in another 7-8 years.

The next book is crescendo by Bella Flitzpatrick. This book is amazing I absolutely fell in love with every one of the character especially Nora. This one is the darker one out of the rest, sort of a ‘Twilighty’ novel of a fallen Angel-‘patch’ and the tales that unfold around him and the girl he must protect-Nora. This book was written beautifully and it a trilogy… which I must confess I haven’t read…yet but I intend to. It for me, in some places, felt too much like twilight to the way it was told but I loved both books.

The last book was one I recently got upon the suggestion of PersueProject and it is called ‘Elizabeth is missing’ the plot totally drew me in when she was explaining it in one of her videos. It’s about a women suffering from dementia who has the memory span of about 10 minutes it is narrated from her point of view which makes it quite a sad read. The prologue was one that really intrigued me and was another reason I continued reading. The writing style so far I really like and seeing the character profile of this women itself develop. 

Sunday, 12 April 2015

The Circus

The Circus
Every time the three brass hands of the clock overlapped on the number 12, written in swirls of golden ink, every heart within the circus skipped a beat, an unnoticeable second breath.  The clock itself was a magnificent beauty, twisted pieces of gold, brass and sliver gently entwined surrounding the main body of the clock. Stars, the deepest shade of crimson placed abruptly in between the coiled mess, suddenly fading into the background. First they go unnoticed, but as you stand still in trance of the exquisiteness a mere clock can hold, you see the slightest piece of red peeking out through out the gloriously rich metallic colours. And that is when your sight changes, nothing is at all the same now and it never will be. That is also when you truly begin to comprehend the complexity behind the saying ‘Nothing is precisely what it seems', and you wonder how you could have been so ignorant to the everyday intricacies of life continuously controlled by magic. Or as you will come to call it enchantment. Then shifting the weight of your feet onto your toes, you pivot, turning back to the circus, accepting that once strange feeling to be the circus calling you back.  The instinctive feeling of comfort and belonging as soon as you pass the red line entering, entering the circus. Even though it seemed a mere line, the difference was buzzing within the air. And your step felt instantly lighter. 

Monday, 12 January 2015

A random few

Going through an old camera memory card just made me think there’s just something about the way a natural moment is caught in between the flash of camera lens. No pretence, no structure just realism. After looking at the many futile pictures that flood our many news feeds, to look at something different may feel so abrupt it may just take your breath away. Sometimes, just walking and randomly seeing something that catches your eye and capturing it in the moment is such a satisfying accomplishment. Catching an unguarded smile, or the moment just before a sneeze, is everything. I don’t think I’ve ever sat tight and waited for a blog post as much as I did for this one. It was a post by Ella Grace Denton and in it she shared the most beautiful roll of film which she had accidently run over with her car, letting light into it. The few she showed on Instagram turned out so magical I had to see the rest of them. Its funny how something that was an accident turned out so positively, shows how you can always find good in anything if you try. SO I thought I’d share a few of the images which stuck out for me in this random memory card-

Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Burn of Justice

Hey There
Heres a poem I wrote whilst attempting to write in this particular style. I, by all means am not a poet nor have I have I ever written a whole poem except today. Wow Achievement Haha. It’s just something I'm attempting to dabble in as I've never tried it before and now I'm wondering why. So here goes something, well I hope anyway...

The Burn Of Justice

Every muscle screamed for me not to,

But I did anyway.

I saw the swirling emptiness beneath which lay the dark void

This Dark Void.

I dipped in the slightest of my finger,

In an attempt to save the supressed souls which lay under

Only, to find myself hurtling forwards,

Straight to my unfathomable depths.

Darkness engulfed my body

My soul   

My mind

Little was there left to do

Except wordlessly give in to this decapitation.

But I would fight, Fight

For the right to be me, and for their right to be them.

Then I would speak, Speak

Over the hands smothering my cries of injustice.

And I would overcome, Overcome

Those ruthless, hollow oppressors.

My body may have caved in, but my mind would stay ignited.

By the kindled flames of our burning injustice.

The path I would lead will stay awake

Lightened By My Killer’s Grace.


Friday, 17 October 2014

Top 3 Autumnal reads to cosy up to...

Hello Lovvies

With all the glory that the season of autumn brings there is nothing better than curling up against a window seat with a mug of Hot Chocolate indulging in one of the book that is just so much better with the background of the pitter patter of the rain against the window. The books I will mention in this post are all by writers I have never come across or heard of before so all these reads were totally new for me. These books were just random choices I had stumbled across while thrifting or going through the discarded section in my local library saving those poor books from getting chucked out. But every one of the five books I mention in this post has stayed with me for a very long time after and I have countlessly recommended them to many of my friends. And in no particular order let’s jump straight into it:

1)    Waiting- By Ha Jin
Number one is honestly not my usual type but I am so glad I crossed that bridge because this is now one of my all time favorites. I have mentioned it in another blog post too but again I’ll try to sum up this amazing novel in a few words. For seventeen years Officer Lin has allowed himself to rot in his traditional marriage to a woman with bound feet whom he has never spoken more than 15 consecutive words to. He only returns to his village once every year and spends the rest of his time at the residential wing of an army hospital. His reserved and intellectual personality has always been on the wagging tongues of gossiping women and especially when he begins to accompany the witty young Manna Wu. An absolutely incredible read. This book was described by  The New York Times as ‘an all too rare reminder of the reasons someone might feel so strongly about a book’ and judging by the ‘few words’ i clearly doo haha.

1)    The Wrong Sort Of Girl-By Valerie Anne Baglietto
This novel is a RomCom stroke Chickflick. Im not really sure how to describe it and there is not much I can say about this novel without totally blurting out the plot. The title is quite literal in the sense that the main character-Meg Oakley is not the right girl for recently widowed School teacher Matthew Potter. But fate brings them together and whilst Meg’s past is brought up she has not had the perfect life everyone has thought.
I could not find the book with the cover i have and only have one which looked like it was published in 1970 but it doesn't matter,just add to the vintage-ey style of the book.

1)    Good Harbour- By Anita Diamant
This novel is written almost just like the Good Harbour beach that is described in the novel itself. The book rather slowly, 
(too slowly for me) unravels the many suppressed tales that 
two women have been holding in for far too long. Kathleen, a women who is diagnosed with breast cancer 15 years after her sister died of the same destructive disease. She feels she 
cannot tell her husband fully about the many thought she 
faces whist undergoing many series of chemotherapy. Whilst Joyce is struggling with her only daughter who had suddenly become a stranger to her Mother and Father as she enters her teenage years. But when Joyce and Kathleen meet upon Good Harbour they do not realize they have finally found a friend whom confiding in would change their lives in ways unimaginable. 

I hope you all try to read at least one book from this post as they are all amazingly comfy Autumn reads.
                                                       Till Next Time -M