Saturday, 28 December 2013

Three Beginnings... /Life Logos

Three new beginnings you are about to witness...
Step right in...

There are many trials we have all endured whilst starting our new beginning. Some strive and make it through whilst others try hard and eventually give up. Hence left with an indelible regret of not pushing themselves towards their passions. There are many who have started these journeys but few have completed them reaching their destination. We will never realise the reality of the hardships some may face in order to get to where they are today. We will only realise once we have experienced other’s journeys...

The girl’s lucky pen dances over the smooth creases on the paper. A close observer would notice the sparkle in her eyes as her thoughts conjured, her hands making the pen dance faster. She loved the tales which flowed out through the tip of the pen, but they were never perfect, or so she thought. But today the dance was halted to a stop, for there was no sparkle in the eyes of the beholder. She sat there, her eyes fixated on a small dot on the paper. Her eyes blank. At times like this the creeping insecurities would have their turn to dance not one the paper, but instead in the girl's head. And with a thud the pen will fall and with a shove, the paper in the back of the draw. This was the doubt of a novelist in the making...

The boy’s hands flutter over the endless wires and screws that lay on a plank of wood. His strong hands grasped the pliers fixing the wires in place. He fitted in the microchips which he connected to a million wires even with the miniscule perimeter it allowed. His eyes shone as he painted the metal body of the cycle. His hands stroked the wiring done underneath. He anticipated one thing only now, to see whether he had infused life into this machine or not. It took practise and understanding to reach this stage. He closed his, clicking the switch, waiting for the robot to come to life. It did not. That was his final attempt. He cast the machinery aside wishing he had studied a little harder and gone to oxford, instead of being stuck in his shed creating useless machines. This was the last step in the journey of a ‘would be’ engineer.

The music blares, her body hypnotised by the rhythm. Her hips swayed in sync with beat. Her golden curls bounced on her shoulders as she let the music control her. All the emotions, all the rage which had been building up inside her she danced away. She closed her tear filled eyes, her father’s voice booming in her ears. His stubborn rejection to learn the thing she loved most. She decided she couldn’t care anymore. She would go for it. No matter how many sticks and stones were thrown at her she would dance. Then someday, many years later her father would seen her dancing and only then will he feel proud. Realising all the hardships he had put his daughter had only made her stronger. For it was he who had once said “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, even if it does very nearly kill” She smiled grimly at the irony of his statement. This was the rejection of a dancer in the making...

The many trials we all endure whilst staring are new beginnings may lead us to try harder or, to give up. With the New Year almost upon us it is the time to make a change. Those ideas that have been lingering in the back of our minds can now, finally come to life. But it is up to us to either endeavour towards them or give up. So make 2014 a different year for you.

                                   GO out there do something crazy. PROVE everyone wrong.
But don’t let the hurdle take you down. So good luck and see you next time.

Bye Lovvies

Saturday, 28 September 2013

DIY-The Perfect Morning Face /Life Logos

Halllo Lovies :)
I hope you are all very well and have had a fabulous holiday but slap your face with reality cause EDUCATIONAL BUILDINGS are expecting our presence. I have not blogged for a rather long time which one sincerely apologises for! I have seriously been so busy. Yes I do not live a life full of travelling and adventure which I would LOVE to but I AM busy. PROMISE (says the girl in denial)

So with school already started and Uni and college slowly starting most of us to deal with morning faces, which is not the most pleasant of things at nine O’clock in the morning. Also I’ve found as I have very oily skin when I wake up my skin is super oily and all my face is slightly puffed up. The reason why is because 70% of our body is water so when we lie still for long periods of time ( Its called sleep if your not too familiar with this action) our lymphatic vessels are not prepared to move about the fluids so it stays so it end up redistributed in our faces.  Also in the morning if you wake up with an oily face you are more prone to breakouts during the day because of you’re clogged up pores.  

The classic morning face Haha
One ingredient which can help you fight all of these nasties *Texas accent* is GREEN TEA. Green tea is known to be naturally rich in antioxidants which a great change from all the chemical antioxidants in moisturisers and facials.  Every day we are exposing out faces to pollution smoking and sunlight, well there’s not that much sunlight in Britain but enough to increase the number of free radicals in our body. The antioxidants found in green help protect our body from free radicals. Also the leaves itself can be used as a very light exfoliater.  Hence green tea is a great cleanser which gets rid of any impurities leaving your face feeling refreshed and squeaky clean. This will instantly help the complexion of your face of your face also reducing any redness.
SO here is an awesome DIY ‘Face Refresher’ (haha I know it sounds pretty stupid but I couldn’t think of a better word) this will help your skin to look and feel incredibly refreshed and totally unclog your pores. Another Benefit of this ‘Face Refresher’ these are starting to sound edible now) is that it will help reduce the swelling in the morning INSTANTLY. So it’s really good to use early in the morning before or just before bed time. As well as all the goodness from the green tea to reduce any redness and swelling-the ice cubes are proven to reduce any swelling. So YOU GOT THE BESSST OF BOTH WORLDS. 

OH and before I begin a little disclaimer-I have actually come up with this recipe myself. There is nothing which could go wrong but if you are allergic to green tea or you just have super SUPER sensitive skin do not use. It is a very gentle DIY which wont harm your skin but you know better than I do. So please try NOT to kill murder yourself.  --__--

SO here we go the recipe for a perfect morning face -:

What you will need -: (for one batch of ‘Face Refreshers’)

·         Three heaped teaspoons of loose green tea (as we want it to be as concentrated as possible) if you haven't got that cut open a green tea bag

·         One and a half mug of boiled water
      ·         Almost a quarter of a cucumber

So Lovies we shall begin.

  1. First of all I suggest you take about all your ingredients and lay them on your work top. Then baby, pop ON the kettle and while your at it make me a 'cuppa, cheers love. 
  2. Then put three heaped teaspoons of loose green tea in a small bowl. Like soooo. My gorgeous munchkin was in the kitchen and I got him to mix it. That's his cutie patootie thumb mixing it. Gosh it was so hard to get him to stay still, he kept mixing it so fast.
  3. Whatchya do next is mix mix mix like crazy. Mix until you think the green tea is completely mixed in with the H2O.
  4. Theeeen You get a quarter of cucumber and grate it! Cause that what you do with cucumbers
  5. Then put all the cucumber including the juices into the bowl of green tea. Likee sooo
  6. Mix all of this up again until all the cucumber and green tea leaves until they are fully mixed together.
  7. Then grab that ice cube tray you took out first. Just thought id show ya'll what one looked like....Just in case
  8. Your mixture will have quite a few bits and pieces. So spoon up the bits and put them in the ice cube tray until about halfway. This will mean that the first half of your ice cube will act as a very gentle cleansing exfoliator.
  9. Then spoon up the liquid as much as you can to the top. I suggest putting a spoon full of liquid in each ice cube thingymabob first so al the size of the ice cubes will be relatively the same size.
  10. Theeeeeen just stick them in the freezer for about half an hour or until there almost half frozen. Then place a toothpick standing up right in each ice cube thingymabob so when your using them you fingers don't fall off because of the coldness. That what happened to me in  my first batch. Then pop them back in the freezer until completely frozen.
  11. If you have any remains don't throw them away re-use them. YOu can make a refreshing mask by getting a small facial towel and dipping it in any remaining liquid. Pop that in the fridge for 10 min and just lay it over your face. (Again don't kill yourself make sure you have space to breathe or you should know your doing something wrong)
So Lovie that's how you make them. Now let me tell you what to do with them. 
What I like doing with them is, when I wake up as an urgalee monster  I run down to the kitchen and take out the 'Face refreshers'  out of the freezer to let them thaw for a bit, until I can use them. Until then I brush my teeth and wash my face-with ONLY water. Until I've done all this they would be easy to get out. So I take just one ice cube and put the rest back in the freezer. then I just rub the ice cube all over my face and as they are no artificial chemicals or any chemical antioxidants I rub them over my eyes as well. But only do this if you feel comfortable doing it. Then I wash my wash my face and then use a cleanser on top of that. My skin actually feels really refreshed and it is a fantastic start to the day. This way your skin will, fingers crossed stay shine free all day too. And that it a pretty simple yet super effective DIY.
If any of you try it out let me know if you liked it . Did it help your skin feel as good as mine did? If you don't have a blogger account you can let me know on my instagram anayah_0_
                                                      Byeeeee Lovies

Saturday, 29 June 2013

To-do list- Is it checked or unchecked?* /Life Logos

Helllo Lovies ^__^

Im Sitting here in my comfy clothes with a packet of onion rings and a couple of penny sweets from the corner shop. Don't judge me -__-
Ive been so busy these couple of months with exams and my house getting done err'ting's  been so hectic. But now its Sunday and I’ve really been wanting to write this blog for ages, but I’ve been 'busy'. So know I’ve grabbed by life by its dinosaur's and got on with this blog.
So as you can see by the title, this is a blog about my To-do list. Im going to own up about all the things on my To-do list which are checked or unchecked.
Alrighty so... Oldest to the most recent ones.

1)      When I was about 12 I have a vivid memory of me and my Mummy sitting at the dinning table in the kitchen discussing Nintendo games. I remember saying to my Mom that there were no Islamic Nintendo games out there. That was a gap in the market (so D.T does come to use in real life haha) Then we were like ‘Oh WOW we should  design an Islamic game. I remember we were saying that there should be a character in the game who you can choose if they are a muslim or not. The character would need to pray (when they heard the athaan from the local mosque) or pray in the mosque to gain extra bonus points. Obviously my Mum knew I would never be able to REALLY make the game, but nonetheless she still thoroughly discussed the details of it with me.

2)      Right so the second oldest thing on my To-do list is about my diary. For about two years now I’ve kept a diary over the years. Not like the soppy typical teenage girls who would write about really cliché things. HELL NAW! The main intention I have when I write an entry is to make it as detailed as possible, so when I look back at it I can vividly recall the event I was talking about. InshaAllah I really want to keep this Journal FOREVER just to see the memories that I have collected through my life. Another thing which make this Journal so special is that it’s one of those boring yearly journals. It is actually a 1998 journal ironically, so my older sisters were about 5/6 then. My Mum used to also write diary entries in there (but towards the back of the journal) she wrote about when my sisters were small and what they used to do and what their teachers said about them in their nurseries. It’s the small things like that, that feel so special when you read over them. So this diary being so special but looking so boring, was just calling to me to do something. So what I wanted to do was cover the diary in some sort of fabric and sew it on. But obviously I STILL haven’t done it.

3)      Well we started on two failures, but the next one is successful (I hope).  The next thing on my To-do list was to start a blog. I read a few other blogs around and really wanted to write my own. One reason I was really unsure about starting this blog was because of my sisters. They had been reading someone's blog and both of them just could not stop saying how stupid she was for wasting so much time on it. So when I started the blog they actually see how much time it take to plan and blog and then to actually write it out. But the hardest thing that I would say is making it successful. That’s why I really would like to know if you guys to enjoy what I post and if not...BANG hit me with constructive criticism. But Alhamdulillah I have started it and some people have read it and liked it. I’m not sure if they are saying that to be polite being honest.


4)      Okey dokey that leads me onto my fourth crazy idea. When I was a like 12,13 I used to do these little fashion sketches. It would mostly be of like clothes-dresses, tops etc Anyway what I wanted to do was to either make these sketches myself (but I don’t even know how to switch a sewing machine on haha) or to get them made by someone. I still really want to do this, its one of the things I REALLY want to complete!  But as I said I don’t even know how to work a sewing machine but I really want to make these designs come to life. A little like the image below, its not mine but that's what I want to do. Sketch the dress then InshAllah some day sew it. When ever were driving around and I see a fabric store I always look in to check out the fabrics and see how I could use them. InshAllah I'm going to go fabric shopping soon and try to teach myself to use a sewing machine. So this leads onto my 4th unchecked to-do.

5)      ALrighty moving on to point quartos. This is again one of the crazy ideas my family knows I come up with. I actually remember their expression. It was like ‘Urghh she’s got ANOTHER crazy idea’. To (lame I know, I know)  make my own hijabs. And when I say make I mean choose the fabric and to decorate it. Eg.with lino blocks. I was really excited about this idea I ordered an awesome book which tells you all about how to design your own fabrics and enhance them... lah did a da. But I purchased any lino block or any fabric paint. I think I’ve been asking my sister to get them for me for about five months now but here I am.... Completely lino block, paint and fabric less.


6)                 Now. The last thing on my to-do is to complete almost every thing in this blog post then InshAllah write a blog about it. It will be a good way of recording my progress and also a really fun thing to write about and to read about hopefully. I hope I can get everything done, of course except for the Ds game:/ Hah that wont be happening any time soon or at any time at all. I will write a post separately about each of my completions. I hope I'm able to learn how to sew in a few weeks time and confidently. Looking at some of the designers out there I don't think ill even reach their level. A gorgeous example of one of the designers who's designs inspire me so much and are absolutely beautiful is Rima Tadmory. Her style is so unique and the detail on her work is just amazing. Like the dress she designed, made and wore to meet Prince Charles was one of my favourites'. The detail in it was just crazy!

I love the way the dress turned out the precision with which the dress was made is clearly evident in the result. InshAllah I'll be able to make my designs almost as beautiful and unique as Rima Tadmory's one day...

P.s- do you see the * it means the poast is a tag. I made this one myself so any bloggers feel free to use.
P.s.s- I would really love to hear you feedback on my posts. So hit me with thought and suggestions or criticism. But If your a lazy bum and can't be bothered to make a blogger just to comment then let me know on my instagram: _0_anayah
P.s.s.s - Ramadans' almost here 'whoop whoop' so Mabrook in advance. Have a blessed and peaceful Ramadan.
P.s.s.s (last'.s' I promise)- None of the photos are mine.

Byeeee Lovvies

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sweet Shop Review /Life Logos

Heeeey Lovies

I know the normal title of most of the blogs would be ‘Make up Review’ or ‘Forever 21 Haul’. Well this is a Sweet shop Review. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve never seen a blog about this! (Im a newbie so I may be wrong) I may be starting a new craze or maybe not depends on how many sweet addicts (like me) there are out there.

Well that's ONLY how many I brought. Quite less to how many i would like to bring. But my sister does not let me. Some unscientific fact about too much sugar being unhealthy for you. Anyhoo as interested as you all may be I will review each species of sweet individually for you. Anyway these are not the real names of the sweets, just what i think would be suitabe :) May I warn you

So let’s move on to exhibt A: The watermelon ring

Yes now you may think, ‘Water melon ring’! Why? The answer is pretty simple it tastes like watermelons, which I’m pretty sure was accidental. I bet they accidentally added some sort of flavouring and then thought DAYAM this takes good *Texas accent* The best watermelony taste EVER.
Next issss exhibt B: Clown mix

Yes you may think {well hey aren’t those called ‘dolly mix’}. Your bloody right yes they are! But I want to call them clown mix ‘cause they look a little wierd and colourful like clowns.The ony difference being theses are edibe. Thank god clowns arent :}I hate clowns because they are so creepy with a their weird painted faces and smiles.*a shiver slides down her spine* urgh! I hate clowns.
Exhibt C: Rocky Bolts

Honestly Freakin’ AMAZING!!! These sweets aare so nice. Wait let me rephrase that. The pleasure one achieves from eating these is out of this world .Haha extra-terrestrial. This is the official hype in Mars, Jupiter and even the cocky citizens of Saturn are giving into these ‘Rocky Bolts’. This is offical info they give me daiy feeds of the hypes. Im not lying!

Exhibt D: Screws (the bolts wife)

 These are also Freakin' awesome you dont understand. I love these ones especially a lot 'cause they are suckable. Let me show you a math equation.
Me+sweets=finished in two seconds.
Me+suckable sweets=finished with a bite

Thats all for now. My next post will be *Checked or Unchecked*