Monday, 12 January 2015

A random few

Going through an old camera memory card just made me think there’s just something about the way a natural moment is caught in between the flash of camera lens. No pretence, no structure just realism. After looking at the many futile pictures that flood our many news feeds, to look at something different may feel so abrupt it may just take your breath away. Sometimes, just walking and randomly seeing something that catches your eye and capturing it in the moment is such a satisfying accomplishment. Catching an unguarded smile, or the moment just before a sneeze, is everything. I don’t think I’ve ever sat tight and waited for a blog post as much as I did for this one. It was a post by Ella Grace Denton and in it she shared the most beautiful roll of film which she had accidently run over with her car, letting light into it. The few she showed on Instagram turned out so magical I had to see the rest of them. Its funny how something that was an accident turned out so positively, shows how you can always find good in anything if you try. SO I thought I’d share a few of the images which stuck out for me in this random memory card-