Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Burn of Justice

Hey There
Heres a poem I wrote whilst attempting to write in this particular style. I, by all means am not a poet nor have I have I ever written a whole poem except today. Wow Achievement Haha. It’s just something I'm attempting to dabble in as I've never tried it before and now I'm wondering why. So here goes something, well I hope anyway...

The Burn Of Justice

Every muscle screamed for me not to,

But I did anyway.

I saw the swirling emptiness beneath which lay the dark void

This Dark Void.

I dipped in the slightest of my finger,

In an attempt to save the supressed souls which lay under

Only, to find myself hurtling forwards,

Straight to my unfathomable depths.

Darkness engulfed my body

My soul   

My mind

Little was there left to do

Except wordlessly give in to this decapitation.

But I would fight, Fight

For the right to be me, and for their right to be them.

Then I would speak, Speak

Over the hands smothering my cries of injustice.

And I would overcome, Overcome

Those ruthless, hollow oppressors.

My body may have caved in, but my mind would stay ignited.

By the kindled flames of our burning injustice.

The path I would lead will stay awake

Lightened By My Killer’s Grace.