Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sweet Shop Review /Life Logos

Heeeey Lovies

I know the normal title of most of the blogs would be ‘Make up Review’ or ‘Forever 21 Haul’. Well this is a Sweet shop Review. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve never seen a blog about this! (Im a newbie so I may be wrong) I may be starting a new craze or maybe not depends on how many sweet addicts (like me) there are out there.

Well that's ONLY how many I brought. Quite less to how many i would like to bring. But my sister does not let me. Some unscientific fact about too much sugar being unhealthy for you. Anyhoo as interested as you all may be I will review each species of sweet individually for you. Anyway these are not the real names of the sweets, just what i think would be suitabe :) May I warn you

So let’s move on to exhibt A: The watermelon ring

Yes now you may think, ‘Water melon ring’! Why? The answer is pretty simple it tastes like watermelons, which I’m pretty sure was accidental. I bet they accidentally added some sort of flavouring and then thought DAYAM this takes good *Texas accent* The best watermelony taste EVER.
Next issss exhibt B: Clown mix

Yes you may think {well hey aren’t those called ‘dolly mix’}. Your bloody right yes they are! But I want to call them clown mix ‘cause they look a little wierd and colourful like clowns.The ony difference being theses are edibe. Thank god clowns arent :}I hate clowns because they are so creepy with a their weird painted faces and smiles.*a shiver slides down her spine* urgh! I hate clowns.
Exhibt C: Rocky Bolts

Honestly Freakin’ AMAZING!!! These sweets aare so nice. Wait let me rephrase that. The pleasure one achieves from eating these is out of this world .Haha extra-terrestrial. This is the official hype in Mars, Jupiter and even the cocky citizens of Saturn are giving into these ‘Rocky Bolts’. This is offical info they give me daiy feeds of the hypes. Im not lying!

Exhibt D: Screws (the bolts wife)

 These are also Freakin' awesome you dont understand. I love these ones especially a lot 'cause they are suckable. Let me show you a math equation.
Me+sweets=finished in two seconds.
Me+suckable sweets=finished with a bite

Thats all for now. My next post will be *Checked or Unchecked*


  1. That was an awesome review ..:) Halal confectionary ROCK !!!!!!!!

    1. Hey Malik that was soooo funny and really good!! Real good review well done torinee

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