Saturday, 28 December 2013

Three Beginnings... /Life Logos

Three new beginnings you are about to witness...
Step right in...

There are many trials we have all endured whilst starting our new beginning. Some strive and make it through whilst others try hard and eventually give up. Hence left with an indelible regret of not pushing themselves towards their passions. There are many who have started these journeys but few have completed them reaching their destination. We will never realise the reality of the hardships some may face in order to get to where they are today. We will only realise once we have experienced other’s journeys...

The girl’s lucky pen dances over the smooth creases on the paper. A close observer would notice the sparkle in her eyes as her thoughts conjured, her hands making the pen dance faster. She loved the tales which flowed out through the tip of the pen, but they were never perfect, or so she thought. But today the dance was halted to a stop, for there was no sparkle in the eyes of the beholder. She sat there, her eyes fixated on a small dot on the paper. Her eyes blank. At times like this the creeping insecurities would have their turn to dance not one the paper, but instead in the girl's head. And with a thud the pen will fall and with a shove, the paper in the back of the draw. This was the doubt of a novelist in the making...

The boy’s hands flutter over the endless wires and screws that lay on a plank of wood. His strong hands grasped the pliers fixing the wires in place. He fitted in the microchips which he connected to a million wires even with the miniscule perimeter it allowed. His eyes shone as he painted the metal body of the cycle. His hands stroked the wiring done underneath. He anticipated one thing only now, to see whether he had infused life into this machine or not. It took practise and understanding to reach this stage. He closed his, clicking the switch, waiting for the robot to come to life. It did not. That was his final attempt. He cast the machinery aside wishing he had studied a little harder and gone to oxford, instead of being stuck in his shed creating useless machines. This was the last step in the journey of a ‘would be’ engineer.

The music blares, her body hypnotised by the rhythm. Her hips swayed in sync with beat. Her golden curls bounced on her shoulders as she let the music control her. All the emotions, all the rage which had been building up inside her she danced away. She closed her tear filled eyes, her father’s voice booming in her ears. His stubborn rejection to learn the thing she loved most. She decided she couldn’t care anymore. She would go for it. No matter how many sticks and stones were thrown at her she would dance. Then someday, many years later her father would seen her dancing and only then will he feel proud. Realising all the hardships he had put his daughter had only made her stronger. For it was he who had once said “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, even if it does very nearly kill” She smiled grimly at the irony of his statement. This was the rejection of a dancer in the making...

The many trials we all endure whilst staring are new beginnings may lead us to try harder or, to give up. With the New Year almost upon us it is the time to make a change. Those ideas that have been lingering in the back of our minds can now, finally come to life. But it is up to us to either endeavour towards them or give up. So make 2014 a different year for you.

                                   GO out there do something crazy. PROVE everyone wrong.
But don’t let the hurdle take you down. So good luck and see you next time.

Bye Lovvies


  1. I agree, we all need to work through our trials. As part of a challenge I am going to be doing something very crazy soon by having a wedgie for a day.
    check out my blog:

    1. Haha That.Is.An.Amazing.Idea! :) Heading over to your blog page right now...