Tuesday, 11 March 2014

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Our Path! SubhanAllah

Good Evening Lovvies

So recently I ventured on a Trek into the Woods of Cannock Chase and Licky Hills to be surrounded by the beauty of the Autumnal/Spring weather at its utmost. I was into totally taken aback by the magnificent changes which had possessed nature. The trees were spiralling towards the sun, thirsty once again for the sunlight. Whilst the regular birds shyly creep back into their bare wooden homes. The grass is green. Each blade dripping with the fresh raindrops the clouds descend. Dried up Rivers once again fill up reflecting the beauty of a clear bubblegum blue sky. I simply could not help myself. I was a-clicking and a-snapping at every little gem I saw! Of course much to the annoyance of my group and teacher! At one point I was questioned sarcastically “Oh there’s Malik (‘tis the name I am summoned by) taking another picture of a bare tree” I fought my case back Of Course, because after all ‘Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder’ and the perfection of Allah’s creation was too much to keep to myself so I obviously took some pictures...well quite a lot....almost 300.  *head lowered in shame*  The second time I’ve confessed this fact, I Just Couldn’t Help Myself! And when you have a gorgeous camera can you really help yourself....Yep that’s what I thought.

These are just a few pictures that I had taken some were quite quick snap shots because the group was getting quite annoyed at my constant stopping an oooing and aahing. But some of the pictures I took my time focussing and getting the best angles possible. I think I managed to capture only a fraction of its true essence because no lens is better than the eye Allah has provided for us. SubhanAllah is the only word which can truly describe it.

This was almost about 25 minutes into our walk. It was raining the day before so ground was pretty muddy.

This was literally taken when my friends were ready to kill! This image is super zoomed in so where we were standing from you couldn't really see anything so they were all like "What is she even taking a picture of ?" But don't the angles compliment the picture creating a sense of horror. *cackle*

This picture is one of the only ones which is edited. It looks so awesome and vintage'ee.

We had been waling for quite some time along a stream which we could see on the map and hear but couldn't actually see it. The gushing of the water was pretty loud too.

All these pictures were taken by me using my gorgeous camera.
Which is a Canon SX170
Zoom Lens: 16x15
16 Megapixels

I would really appreciate it, if these photo's were not used without my permission and if were used my permission would be asked.

Goodnight Lovvvies 

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