Sunday, 28 September 2014

Instagram Worthy Breakfast /Life Logos

Asalamualikum Lovvies I hope you are all well and fine

In my plaid night trousers sitting with a rather heavy laptop on my err lap I’m totally DRAINED out, Thanks girls. At 10;34 pm on a Saturday night I would like to think my day so far has been rather productive if I may say so myself. For me today the day began at 9:3 when my Mom called from the bottom of the stairs for me to get my brother ready for Sunday school, Yup SUNDAY school. So me and my sister went halfies I did the clothes and she did the shower. SO after that my mom began teaching and I TRIED to get back into bed but couldn’t so I made my way downstairs and made myself breakfast. On the weekends is normally where I have the time to make myself quite a nice breakfast, as you can tell by all the Instagram breakfast selfies I‘ve been taking. So I prepared the garlic spread seasoning for my toast, it’s this AH-mazing blend of dried garlic and an mix of very nutty tasting herbs. You basically just mix this ‘powder’ into some margarine in a small bowl and then just spread it over your bread, when I can’t be arsed to do that i just spread margarine on top of my toast and then just spread on the seasoning haha.    
 And I NEVER stick the toaster on until I’ve don’t my beans and my egg is half fried because I HATE cold toast ergh, especially cold garlic toast! I just stick my tinned beans in a small sauce pan and pop in a small teaspoon of margarine and let it melt in there. This was actually something that growing up I saw my one of my really good friends sister doing as she made us lunch or breakfast after I had stayed the night for a sleepover. So picking up that little trick it’s now become a staple thing do with beans, they just taste so much better and the butter really does make the sauce richer. When frying my egg I do add something which may seem really strange to you but it’s just a very cultural way to fry a simple egg and give it a twist. I normally don’t fry my egg like this for breakfast because it feels too heavy with spices in the morning. Whilst frying the egg we normally just add a dash of coriander powder, chilli powder and black pepper. 

But as I said I prefer not to make it like this in the mornings as its just too overpowering with the toast. With Breakfast finished I did a spot of cleaning downstairs and also in my bedroom, a rather tiny spot. At five O’ clock all the girls from school had organised a casual meetup to eat out and then head to a thee most beautiful vintage themed cafe for a late dessert. We planned to meet up at a burger place called Buba Joes and i ended up having a cheese burger meal, I was o immersed in conversation with these dear people I totally didn’t process the fact that my burger had gherkins in it and I seriously hate the taste of gherkins in cheeseburgers. But thee highlight of the evening was this beautiful cafe which was literally down the road from the burger place. When we stepped in all seven of us just looked around in awe. This cafe is not big it’s a small comfy vintage themed worn down ‘shack’ thing. Oh I was in love, and I’m sure you would be too!

Unfortunately it is no longer Saturday, fatigue took the better of me and it is now 9:59 and I am sitting with the same lap top but now I would like to think I have finished this blogpost after much procrastination. I must now edit out any mistake, which I assure you there will be many even after I have checked and rechecked! I’ll be sure to add some picture but i will do a separate blogpsot of the cafe next hopefully.

Mmmmmm Take Me Back

The gorgeous seating
                                                   Till Next Time -M

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