Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Timeless Beauty of Autumn /Life Logos

Autumn is now in full swing. With the most beautiful colours dancing all around the roads of Birmingham a walk home is a thousand times better. There is a road just a literal  bend away from our house and I am driven down it every day for college and everyday as autumn progresses in the cosy month of October so does the beauty of all things around me. The trees traversing along the edges of this road are an always evidence of the new coming season, in this case AUTUMN.

With the month of Autumn comes many things which I look forward to as the season of Autumn slowly passes over. One of them being that toasty warm feeling that Autumn brings. The smell of a lightened candle in a dimly lit room while a steaming mug of Hot Chocolate awaits. Mmmmm I want a Hot Chocolate right now. Okay break, while I grab one, annnnd I’m back. The idea for me to write this post actually came when I was waiting for a friend to come and I was just daydreaming out of the window, scattered all over the floor were the golden amber leaves fallen of the once green trees. I must have been sitting directly below a window because all I could see was a rain of these beautiful coloured leaves, honestly those leaves are the image that pops up into my mind anytime I think of Autumn.

Also last year when I went on our school trekking expedition it was the most beautiful time of Autumn. The weather had was extremely sunny most days which contrasted harshly with the many dotted leaves on the floor but it only made the woods seem more magical than they perhaps would have look on a dull winters day. As we all trudged our way hot and tired after walking up the many contour lines for almost 5 hours, the beauty that surrounded us honestly made it a whole lot better. The pictures that I am adding were all taken by me during our trekking expedition in Cannock Chase.

 I hope you enjoyed these pictures as I honestly loved taking them even though I had less than a millii second before my group went on without me.
                                                                Till Next Time -M

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