Monday, 23 June 2014

London to Antalya to Alanya /Life Logos

     Hello Lovvies❤️ I hope your all well!              
As summer is practically here even though the British weather is depicting otherwise im in full throttle vacation mode.eek. InshAllah (If God Wills) we have booked a Family holiday to Turkey-Antalya. A metre outside Birmingham would be enough to get me eeeking* in excitement but this is ANOTHER country one i have not been to before either. After 5 years this is the first time I'm going on Holiday with my Father and its the first time Im going on holiday with my Uncle-that alone has got me so excited i have to contain myself not to write EEEK fifty hundred thousand million times. (Exaggeration? Again its depicting my excitement)                

What has got me so excited about this holiday is that its very different to any schedule we've followed before. We had booked our flight from London Gatwick Airport, which meant a three and a half hour drive. Our flight then landed in Antalya and from there we collected a car which we have booked out and from there we met our driver. The Driver was an amazing man Alhamdulillah, he helped us out so much whole heartedly.  The driver firstly opted to drive us to the nearest Petrol Station and helped us to sort out all our documentation there. By this time we had all been awake since 5:30 most of us hadn't had breakfast and our thirst was begging to be quenched. So we asked the man where a good place to eat would be he told us it was in fact a minute walk from the petrol station. So Daddy parked the car and we all walked in. By this time the driver should have already gone but he insisted he aid us in choosing our food. He helped sort out our rather large table of Eight.                                                                                                                                                             

 The restaurant we ate in had very good service i would say. Even with the wrought iron language barrier present they still helped us to choose our food and anything else we need. As soon as we sat down both my younger brothers pounced on the Cold bottled water. The food we had was Gorgeous there was this metre long wooden flat tray of some sort ( Arabs would know) on which was two pieces of bread with divine toppings. One was chicken with some sort of cheese and the other was just cheese,Halloumi I think. Mid way through the meal my younger brother felt sick and continually felt sick till we reached the car. I think he must drunk some local water which might have made his stomach a bit upset. But now were on our way to Alanya which is a solid two hour journey from Antalya. The most exciting bit is were not staying in a hotel. How the hell is that exciting Malik i hear you ask? Well thats because instead we have booked our our own private villa !  This calls for an eek. Well we havent got there yet so i just pray that everything is as expected and there are no bed bugs. Burgh. So inshAllah (Godwilling) everything works out and i hopefully have only good things to blog about.
                                                    Till Next Time xxx

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