Friday, 25 July 2014

The rural city of Alanya /Life Logos

Hello Lovvies
I Hope you are all well and fine enjoying the ‘glorious’ bipolar British weather. Well recently I visited the breathtaking country of Turkey, which I also mentioned in my previous blog post. This holiday was supposed to be a timeout a sort of break for us to relax, due to a Family business which all of us are very actively involved with we’ve had almost no time to even stop a minute for a breather. So the location my Uncle had chosen for us in Turkey was a quiet spot somewhere in the middle of a vast mountainous area, literally. Haha
The area where our villa was located was just along the edge of the city- Alanya. Way up high from our villa the scenery was amazing as well as the unbreakable serenity which seemed to surround the particular area around us. There was not a single noise you would hear except the call to prayer at its five prescribed times which was so beautifully read one would just stop in utter silence and listen to the words ringing throughout the whole area..The two neighbouring villas next to us were relatively empty except for the regular clean ups. The Villa itself felt so grand there is not a single fault I can pick out from it. The thing which surprised me most was how clean it actually was. The granite flooring was not at all ‘scummy’ as I would have expected it, the kitchen was sparkling and the beds have new clean sheet a extra pillows too. I’d say after the long journey TO the Villa it was a relief to see all this.

Our Villa

To GET to the city of Alanya from way up in our villa was a mission to say the least. In the sweltering heat of Turkey we had to walk a good brisk 45 minute walk down the mountains to reach Alanya. It was literally walking on the edge, one more step right and I’d be flying down the mountains.
The view from our VIlla. A whole hotel resort was set on top of a mountain
The City of Alanya was just what we needed, a sweet peaceful rural city with a beautiful beach running all along the edge of the city, perfect for a bike ride with a couple of ice creams. There were many cute little outdoor cafes for you to just sit outside and have your desserts under the shade. Little shops like this were just dotted about all around the city making any walk a pleasant one. The Locals Of Course were mostly muslims and they were so welcoming. Everytime we entered a shop we’d be greeted with ‘Marhaba’ which means welcome.
The beautiful city of Alanya
Oh writing this blog just makes me feel so nostalgic about that city! InshaAllah its a place that i would love to vist again but a more Islamic side of turkey to see the true Islamic culture on that end. I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos that i have added along each was taken by me on my Canon sx170.